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When Value-Added Egg Products Are Part Of The Equation... EggSolutions® Is The Right Answer.

EggSolutions is proud to offer the highest quality further-processed egg products to Canadian manufacturers and foodservice companies. We have over 50 years of experience producing liquid and frozen egg products and we are widely recognized by the Canadian commercial, industrial and foodservice markets as the go to company for industry leading, innovative product solutions at exceptional quality standards.

Our wide product range includes everything from extended shelf life liquid egg and hard cooked eggs, to time saving ready made omelets that look and taste like home made.

We want to be your operation’s best source for great-tasting, innovative and safe EggSolutions
We're proud to be SQF certified!

AODA Compliant
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Technology and Innovation

With our two manufacturing facilities in Ontario, EggSolutions is the only Canadian company to offer the latest in egg processing technologies. Our state of the art processing plants allow EggSolutions to provide a broad range of further-processed egg products to the Canadian market. Our wide selection of EggSolutions products allows you to develop innovative menu ideas that will increase patron satisfaction while maintaining operational efficiency.

Quality And Safety

To ensure the best and safest eggs possible, EggSolutions monitors quality and safety at every stage in our process. From sourcing and processing to storage and distribution, each critical point is controlled using highly advanced, state of the art safety systems. We were the first egg processor in Canada to be HACCP certified and by following HACCP procedures and practicing rigorous food safety standards, EggSolutions delivers an unparalleled, industry leading commitment to food safety.

Service And Product Versatility

Providing exciting menu options is an ongoing challenge in the foodservice industry. EggSolutions is dedicated to supplying operators with versatile, high quality egg products that provide delicious menu solutions in a convenient, labor-saving manner. In addition, we are committed to partnering with you to provide an exceptional level of service and innovative solutions to ensure your success.