At EggSolutions, sustainability and working to reduce our carbon footprint is in our DNA.

Net Zero Waste Program

The EggSolutions / Global Egg Corporation Net Zero Waste Program governs the way we process our shell eggs.  The program reduces our footprint on the environment by diverting production waste from landfills and drains.

Once the eggs are broken, the shells are collected and sent to our drying facility in Elmira.  

The dried egg shells are then reintroduced into the market as a high calcium ingredient for chicken feed producers.  

The inedible by-products that occur when egg yolks are separated from egg whites (albumen), is also captured and shipped to one of our manufacturing partners, Perth County Ingredients.  There, they are dried and reintroduced into the pet food market as a food ingredient.

This reduces the burden on municipal waste water treatment centers.  It also allows us to save on energy consumption and emissions by reducing the usage of our DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) unit.

Learn more about how EggSolutions lives sustainability everyday.

  • Replacing freezer doors with air curtains eliminated the need for the refrigeration system to be constantly cycling cool air to counteract the warm air each time the freezer doors were opened and closed. This investment led to a 20% reduction in energy consumption. An added benefit: not having to run the compressors as often lead to a lowering of our emissions.

    The installation of high efficiency boilers resulted in a reduction in wash water temperature and cooler re-insulation. This reduced energy usage by 10%.

  • Installing a high pressure washing system on one of our main production lines reduced water consumption by 45%.

  • Using a DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) unit, waste water is captured, filtered and treated.  The treated clean water is returned to the municipality.  The filtered sludge is transported to a bio-fuel facility where it is reintroduced back into the market as an energy source.

  • We work with our suppliers on an on-going basis to remove additives from the ingredients we use for cleaner labels and healthier products.

    In one case, we had one of our suppliers to remove TBHQ, a chemical preservative, from their product.

    In another, our supplier removed all artificial colours and artificial flavour additives from their product.